“We are so happy to let you know about the great joy and a big smile you put on our widows from the all three churches . They were amazed and overwhelmed by your generosity! Let me tell you, because of your giving hearts these women had food on their table for Christmas time and for the days after!! These women have little money every month , money that almost all of them spend on medicine, or they have to decide between medicine, bills or food .

Most of the time they have very little to eat. I am telling you all this just to let you know how happy you make them and how grateful they are for what you did for them. Thank you and may God bless you all.”


Mimi Gatea – Women’s Worker, Good Samaritan Church

“We want to thank you very much for your help, you are a great blessing for us, thank you.”


Atila Pal – Director, Sanctuary Orphanage

"Dear Friends,

It is our great joy to let you know that the Lord is continuing to change the lives of so many people of all ages in our town and the surrounding towns through the Good Samaritan Mission.


The mission has been in operation for over 25 years. From the beginning, the Lord has provided for the needs of Romanian children physically and spiritually. In many cases, these children were some of the poorest children in the country. These children lived in impoverished conditions, in broken families, and desperately needed aid. Hope was far from their minds and missing from many lives. But the Lord saw their needs and responded with His love. As a result, thousands of young people’s lives have been touched and changed in many ways.


The Good Samaritan Mission is continuing to reach out to these children year after year. During these years, the programs have grown and prospered. The mission is reaching children in our town, Ocna Mureș, and in the surrounding villages of Unirea1 si Unirea2 Cistei, Uiora de Jos and Silivaș. For the body, we provide hot, nourishing meals; for the spirit, we provide the loving gospel message of Jesus Christ. In total, the mission impacts the lives of over 400 children.


As a free service to the community, the mission teaches religion classes in the elementary and secondary schools, a work started in the schools by Caprice. Her work there continues now through the skilled teaching of others working for the mission, reaching hundreds of youth and teens in the local community. In fact, one of our teachers grew up attending Caprice’s classes at school and coming to the feeding program each week. She is a great example of how the Lord is changing lives, taking the changed lives of one generation and allowing them to be used to lift the next generation of children for Christ.


The Lord has made it possible for the mission to impact the lives of the elderly. The Good Samaritan Mission proves meals for many elderly couples and individuals who are unable to care adequately for themselves. In addition, the mission continues its nursing home ministry each week, a ministry of prayer and fellowship for so many older adults isolated from the world by their physical conditions.


Finally, the mission is offering limited medical care to pregnant women, as well as, counseling for both teen girls and young women.


The Lord has made it possible for us to do all these things through individual and group sponsors. We know the Lord has placed the children of Romania on so many hearts, and those touched by the Lord have responded with an unbelievable outpouring of love, prayer, and support. Many have sent clothes, food, and funds that are used within our program and extend beyond our mission to many towns throughout Romania. Our sponsors are a blessing to us and the work we have been called to do. Our love and thanks goes out to all who have made Romania, the Good Samaritan Mission, and the poor children part of their lives.


Thank you so much for your love and support of Romania, its children, and its future.


We love and appreciate you!"

Nico and Caprice Gatea - Founders of the Good Samaritan Mission, Ocna Mures, Romania

"Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping our outreach here in Romania! We continue to receive the hand knitted blankets and clothes from you all at Heart Response. We are so very grateful! You cannot even begin to imagine the blessing it is for the poor people here in Romania who receive your gifts.

We use some of the clothes and blankets for our four children’s homes (three in Romania and one in Moldova), but the majority of the clothes and blankets go to the gypsy villages where we work. There is always great need in gypsy slums for blankets and clothes, especially during the winter months. It not uncommon for babies and small children to freeze to death in the winter. So, blankets and clothes save lives! More than this, they provide a means by which we can share the Gospel with the lost souls in the gypsy slums. In fact, because of our persistent relief work (including giving out Heart’s Response blankets and clothes), we have been able to plant a vibrant church in one of the gypsy villages.

So, thank you for the bottom of our hearts! We are so blessed to have Heart Response as a ministry partner. Thank you for investing in Finding Hope Ministries and helping us save lives for eternity!

Nathan Merrill M.D. - President of Finding Hope Ministries



The support that Heart Response provides  is very well received and the workers are very grateful for all the support.