Heart Response primarily supports the ministries of the Good Samaritan Church, Ocna Mures, Transylvania, Romania. The church was birthed in 1990 following the overthrow of the socialistic/communist party of the time. It was evident that there was a tremendous need among the poorest of the gypsy people and something needed to be done to help them. Various ministries were therefore established, some of these ministries included the Sanctuary Orphanage, gypsy children feeding programmes and work with local women who were either widows or single parents.

Heart Response regularly sends money for different projects as directed by the Church. We also send clothes, shoes, toys, and stationary, which have been donated by our supporters. 


The orphanage is a Christian based orphanage that provides a safe and caring environment for children from 2-18 years. Most of the children have come from a background of abuse or poverty. Regardless of how they arrived, they are received with open arms and loving hearts to help each child feel safe and wanted.The entire staff is dedicated to providing each child with hope and purpose. Each child is unique and each child is encouraged to develop his or her talents so they can live successfully and full of joy from the lord. The orphanage was founded just over 25 years ago and over the years over 100 children have been cared for by the orphanage.


Visits are made once a week to a local prison, where a team provides a counselling service for the women inmates and run Bible studies with them, as well as providing any other help they can. As a charity, Heart Response supports this ministry by sending the women basic essentials such as shampoo, deodorant, feminine hygiene products and toothpaste.  


The programmes provide food and clothing for the poorest of the poor. These children are often neglected and left to fend for themselves The programmes operate in various villages around Ocna Mures and feed several hundred young children with hot food four days a week. The children not only come to be fed, but they are also given a Bible lesson and have an opportunity to play with toys and games.  


There are many single women living in and around the town of Ocna Mures who are very poor and struggle to pay their monthly bills. Although they do receive some social benefit money each month this is never enough  for them to be able to pay for essential medicine, food and heating. The Church support many local widows practically and financially, but there is still much more that needs to be done. 

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The Patients of Ocna Mures Hospital are visited regularly by the Good Samaritan Church, where a team will share a message of hope with them by singing, reading the Bible and praying. Many of the patients can not afford health care or the medicine they need.

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